General Terms & Conditions

General Terms & Conditions


The web page   is an electronic shop (e-shop) , based at Anatolikon, Thessaloniki , Greece . Our company’s  primary intention is to outline the terms which govern the rights of the website   and its obligations to those of you who visit its pages with the aim to inform you of  your rights and obligations in order to better assist in the search and purchase  of the products you wish to buy from its store.


In order for a transaction between the e-shop and the customer to start , the customer must state certain personal details . When you place an order , we will ask you to give your full name and surname , delivery address , telephone numbers of your fixed line or any other phone number you wish to use , electronic address (e-mail address) etc, as well as credit card details (credit card number and date of expiry ) , if you decide to use your credit card as a method of payment. These data, will not under any conditions be revealed , made public or sold to a third party , unless a public authority orders otherwise (Court of justice , etc.).

These personal details are made known to the competent bank (eg credit card number) and are immediately DELETED from our database, as soon as your order is completed , assuring even higher security standards.

The website  , in strict pursuance of data protection principles provided for in pertinent legislation and international treaties will in no way ,  make any illegal or unauthorized use of personal details.

The website  will in no way disclose , make public , sell or exchange , personal details and information you entrust to us. In extraordinary cases , the company may  reveal personal details , in compliance with the appropriate legal procedure , following the request of a public authority (Court of justice , etc ).

The website  reserves the right to inform suppliers about sales figures , which may never include any personal details that might lead to personal identification. Also , you can make changes to personal details you have given at any time or limit / cancel some of them (e.g. credit card number ) by filling in the appropriate electronic form.


Prices listed next to each  product in the relevant catalogues  are VAT inclusive (24%) . These prices apply to quantities available in stock . However , the website reserves the right to change prices.


Goods sold on the website  have been selected with great care and attention. You can be informed about product specifications and other characteristics by following search instructions that are presented in our web pages. By clicking on the name of the relevant product , you can learn its description and materials, as well as check photo details .


The webpage uses the SSL protocol , for safe online commercial transactions. In this way , all personal details are encrypted, such as  credit card number , name and address, so that these cannot be read or altered during  Internet  transmission.
The Secure Sockets Layer protocol (SSL)  , is currently  the International standard for Internet website verification for Internet users and for data encryption between Internet users and web servers. All encrypted SSL communications require that all information shared / exchanged between a client and a server be encrypted by the sender’s software and be decrypted by the receiver’s software, offering protection to personal information transmission . Furthermore , all information sent via the SSL protocol , is protected by a mechanism that automatically verifies whether data transmission has  been altered or not.

All payments effected with the use of a card are cleared through the electronic payment platform "Viva Payments e-Commerce" of  Viva Payments and uses TLS 1.1 encryption with a 128-bit encryption protocol (Secure Sockets Layer - SSL). Encryption is a method that encodes information until it reaches its specified recipient , who is able to decode it with the  use of a suitable key.


In order to facilitate and assist all those who wish to make a purchase at our e-shop, provides various methods of payment:

1.       Pay with Paypal , using your credit or debit card.

  1. Make a deposit/ money transfer  to the company’s bank account (at a bank branch or via e-banking) 
  2. Make a payment in the 100% safe environment of VIVA Payments gateway with your card. Your card details are processed exclusively at VIVA without being stored at at all.​​



  1. Availability: There are clear indications on all products included in our catalogues as to their availability in our stock . In this way , you can check , before placing an order , which products are available and readily deliverable, which products are not available but our suppliers are expected to deliver them on a specific  date and , finally which products are not available and we await an update from our suppliers about their exact date of arrival. However , you can place your order with us , even if the products are not  in stock and we will contact you directly with an e-mail or phone call , so as to inform you about possible deadlines of product arrival from our suppliers and subsequent delivery to you.   If you wish  to order a product that is not available , you must pre-pay 50% of the total amount .
    Still , it should be clear that the time of delivery of the products you order depends both on their availability in our warehouse as well as wholesale availability.
    Also, there is the option to group  product shipments, that may have different delivery times due to availability, in one dispatch so that they reach their delivery destination on the latest date , and be delivered directly to  the courier company or get them in separate shipments depending on  expected delivery deadlines.
  2. Force majeure: If, for reasons of force majeure (eg . adverse weather conditions , strikes , etc) we are unable to deliver the products to you within the determined time period , we will send you an e-mail, so that you can reply whether you still wish to have your order completed  .
  3. Liability : The   e-shop , before sending all products , checks their  quality carefully and diligently oversees packaging , so that there is no reason for concern about defective or bad quality products. All products are received from suppliers fully packaged , but are carefully checked and controlled before we send them to customers so that our services are  reliable . However, in the event that a product delivered proves to be  defective , you have the right to return the product and get a replacement with shipping fees paid by us or get a money refund. It is our e-shop ‘s priority to offer excellent services to you.
  4.  Advertising messages:  Β offers its users the option to choose how they receive updates about new store arrivals and other offers, payment arrangements etc. via updates or advertising messages to their e-mail , post address or phone number  .  will not make undue  use of the aforementioned service. Users  have always the option to unsubscribe from the ad message service.
  5. Amendment of present terms: The  website retains the right to modify and renew transaction terms and conditions. Our company is committed to update the present document when any changes or additions to the terms are effected.
  6. Applicable Law  : All transactions effected via are governed by International and European Law that provides for matters pertaining to Electronic commerce as well as the Greek Law on consumer protection (Law 2251/1994) that governs matters pertaining to distant sales.
  7. Assembly : The assembly of products costs 5 Euros and can be made following a request on your part. Otherwise , the product is dispatched in its initial packaging. We bear no responsibility for any possible wear on assembled packages during their transportation.
  8. Products can be  delivered outside of Greece following communication with the customer and the delivery cost is paid in full by the recipient . 

RETURNS POLICY offers you the option to return a product within a period of 14 calendar days from the date of delivery to you. For any product return , you must contact us beforehand, get a code and then follow one of the following  options:


Credit the account you have created at our e-shop , with the equivalent amount to the value of the product you have returned , which can be used for your next purchase . Credit is implemented  as soon as  we receive your return and then  you are informed with an e-mail message .


Money refund : There is a money refund to your bank account  , within a period of 30

calendar days from the date we get the return.



It is a prerequisite that you have not used the product you return to us, that it is still in its initial packaging and in perfect condition in which you received it and that you return the retail receipt with it .


If the product has no defect and you  still wish to return it , the shipment cost will be covered by the  buyer.


The right to return a product does not apply in cases which are exempted according to applicable legislation , such as products manufactured exclusively for you according to your specifications , products which are not available and have been specially ordered for you , as well as products which are not suitable for return for sanitary reasons  once they are unsealed.